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What's the difference between an individual and an organization profile?
Organizations represent a company or entity, while individual profiles represent a person. Organization profiles can have multiple team members (individual profiles) who have access to edit it and make financial contributions in its name. If a contribution or expense is for a company, it's important to use an organization profile so the correct billing information shows up on receipts and invoices. Organizations can also issue gift cards.
Who can see my email address?
The admins of the Campaign and its Host will have access to your email address. We do not share emails with anyone else and we don't use it for any type of marketing. We hate spam as much as you do.
What about privacy?
We care about privacy. We don't use cookies, Google Analytics, or any kind of tracking. We collect certain personal information because it's required for regulatory reasons that the entity receiving money from you know who you are (KYC - Know Your Customer). You can choose to make an incognito contribution if you don't want your identity to be public.
Can I make an anonymous contribution?
Yes you can! Select the 'incognito' option to make your contribution anonymous to the public. However, the admins will still be able to see your profile and identity privately.