$60 Million & Counting
Published on May 13, 2022 by Carlos Barberena

Sixty million dollars already raised.

Florida used to be known as a swing state, a battleground with national implications, but the most recent report pulled from the FEC site demonstrates its business as usual.

Thanks to their respective party's machinations, the two establishment candidates have each raised to date over thirty million dollars. The only other candidate to raise over one million dollars is Ken Russel, who happens to be a Democratic candidate. In layman's terms that's 1.2 million dollars wasted.

Why is it wasted?

Well, if you belong to a party, the party makes it very clear who they are selecting regardless of the illusions from primaries. This is evident by the amount of money raised for their specific candidate.

Therefore, for the Republican party, this is none other than our own incumbent Marco Rubio, who to-date has amassed $30.1 million in donations. As for the Democratic establishment candidate, that's Val Demings - beating the incumbent by a couple hundred thousand dollars - amassing $30.7 million in donations.  

The combined money raised by the remaining twenty candidates including myself is $2.2 Million, absent the $1.2 Million raised by third place Ken Russel, the bulk of the one million remaining stems from two other Democratic candidates - totaling 667k - meaning the Democratic machine helped raised 2 million dollars for the illusion of choice.

Why is this important?

Its not important, its integral, and fundamentally what is wrong with our two-party system. The dichotomous fallacy promulgated by the status-quo. This is not what the framers envisioned when they secured our future with the constitution. 

For the framers were very clear of their mission to prevent absolute power with the three-word preamble.  “We the people” forges the intent the framers had, which is further ratified by their desire to form a more perfect union.

This union comes to us by a government for the people by the people, ensuring proper representation. Absent taking a trip down memory lane, I challenge each and everyone of you to point to a candidate that represents you and/or the working class. Fact is, we do have, but they are few and far in between.

Whose fault is it anyway?

Unfortunately, this is not a trivial pontification, however it begets the underlying problem with the myriad of societal issues the working class experiences. Truth be told, something that I myself have been guilty of.

Inaction! Inaction because our lives are spent working, surviving, trying to provide a better life for our family, friends, and even me myself and I. Conversely, during our daily lives we do everything possible to uphold the positive mantras that dominate our decision making ability.

This approach coupled with denials, such as, no news is good news, moreover, I don’t get involved in politics because it doesn’t affect me. Can be directly correlated to the myriad of issues we face on the daily. Herein lies the problem.

So, when you ask yourself why, ask yourself why not?

Can you expect change when you sit idle, not bothering with news because no news is good news, not involving yourself in politics because it doesn’t concern you, or worse voting on a candidate because it’s the lesser of two evils?

I took this plunge not to make friends, but to highlight the very reason why things happen, or don’t happen. And the simple answer is? Its nobody’s fault but mine. So, this upcoming election, when you are left with choosing for the lesser of two evils.

Ask yourself not what my country has done for me, but what have I done my country?

Wherefore, I hope you join me in supporting what the framers worked so hard to provide us. More importantly, do your part in affording yourself, family, and friends, more than the dichotomus fallacy of the two party system.